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All the materials sold thru this site are available for delivery or pick-up in the Denver Metro area. The purpose of this site is to give consumers competitive bids from several Landscaping Material Companies, faster than you can get by calling every landscaping material and sand & gravel company in town for prices and in black and white terms, 

All landscaping materials are natural products and can vary in amount and type of color. Color variation is normal and seldom noticeable. The suppliers are not responsible for any variation in color or size. All suppliers are independent Landscape Material or Sand & Gravel companies in the Denver metro area. All materials are available locally. is simply a way to get firm, (black and white) competing bids on your project, and get them in less time.

Buyer Expectations Posting

There is no cost or obligation to posting a request for bid after registering. All bids must be paid for and schedued within seven (7) days. Any bid not scheduled and payed for within seven (7) days will be voided. When posting a new project please provide nearest major intersection including city, state and zipcode, within one mile for accurate delivery charges. 

You will not be able to alter a bidding process after it is started so proceed carefully at first. After 3 incomplete bid postings, you may not be allowed to repost.

Before requesting a bid determine the size of the area to be covered (length x width) divided by the coverage per ton or cubic yard of the material you want to buy. You can find this on the calculator page. This is important, because getting the correct amount of material to complete your project, the first time is the least expensive way to do it. If you are not sure of the amount, share your calculations with the bidding suppliers to get their recommendation prior to, or as a part of bidding. Bring it up for discussion before the truck arrives.

Please see the Fill Dirt example below for more instruction.

Proper calculations and descriptions of materials are a must! You must state accurately how much material you need. This is vital and there are a number of way to determine this.

So make sure you are specifying what you need correctly to get the best price and so that you are not disappointed when the material arrives.


Once you select the winning bid and pay for it thru your Paypal account or with your credit card, you will receive an email with the name, address and phone number of the seller to schedule your delivery date and time. The Seller will also be notified and may also contact you.

Seller Expectations

The seller is expected to represent the material to the best of their knowledge, to respond to requests for bids in 3 hours or less and to be ready to contact the buyer within 2 hours of confirmation of the order and payment. There is a 7% fee for sales up to $300.00, 5% over $300.00 that will be deducted from the buyers payment prior to being forwarded to the seller. 

Remember this when bidding materials and delivery. This is the only cost to selling thru this site. makes no representations, guarantees or warranties regarding materials and products sold through this site. is merely a venue that brings buyers and sellers together and is not in any way a party to, or otherwise involved in, the buy/sell transaction between the buyer and seller.

More Responsibilities 

If the Buyer requests a bid for 8 tons / cubic yards of material and after winning the Bid, as you are confirming all the information with the customer, it turns out that they actually need 10 tons / cubic yards, the Seller will sell them the additional material needed for the price charged in the Bid. Example: Seller's regular price - $44.95 per ton / cubic yard. Bid price - $42.95 per ton. Additional material $42.95 per ton / cubic yard. Any additional delivery charge due to increase in the amount of material required (Single Axle delivery charge vs Tandem Axle delivery) should be the responsibility of the customer, because they would had to pay that anyway. However, this is a good opportunity to make a great first impression on the customer, by not charging extra for delivery of an extra ton or two. The customer will be more likely to think of you first the next time they need material. This is our policy. It is also a way to keep a cuwtomer for the long term.

Remember - It is the seller's responsibility to make certain the buyer understands exactly the type and condition of the material and the best use for the product.  Example, Fill Dirt - Description: Unscreened, contains clay, may have large clods. It may be unsuitable for the average homeowner use, especially in the garden, or under new sod.

Buyer Expectation/ Responsibilities in this example. When requesting a Bid for Fill Dirt, be aware that Fill Dirt is not suitable for most gardening uses or under new Sod. Fill Dirt by definition is poor material, that is generally used for foundation drainage, filling low spots in a yard or driveway and may contain clay which can get very slippery when wet. 
You have to make it totally clear in your bid request what you will use it for.

When In Doubt, Ask First!