Welcome to The newest and best way to purchase landscaping materials, sand, gravel, roadbase, and all related products in Colorado.

How This System Works

All you have to do is;

1. Post - the type and amount of material you need and the required delivery date in the bid request form.

2. Bid - you will receive 3 or more anonymous bids in 4 hours or less.

3. Buy - select the best one and submit your payment information. You pay only for the material purchase. You will be contacted by the seller to arrange delivery within 2 hours.

Show us where the project is located by the closest major cross streets.
Example: Within a mile of Colorado Blvd and Evans Ave

The type of material needed and the quantity.
Example: 12 tons 1 1/2" Local River Rock, 8 tons 3/4" Mountain Granite, 15 tons Recycled Asphalt Roadbase, etc.

Planned purchase date within 7 business days.

You will receive 3 or more firm bids for delivery of the material to your address within 3 hours. You select the best deal, secure it with your credit card payment, and the seller will contact you to arrange delivery.

These are all independant landscape materials companies in the Denver metro area. All these materials are available locally. This is a way to get better prices and a firm delivery scheduled easier and faster.

Landscape Materials 4 Less represents a new way to order construction materials. Part of the hassle of getting landscape materials delivered to you in a timely manner is getting a truck to pick up the material and bring it to you when you want it delivered.

With Landscape Materials 4 Less you are free to find the exact material you are looking for and fill out a simple form. Once you do that you may expect to gather three or more bids in just a few hours.

Then just simply pick the winning contractor and arrange the exact time and place for delivery.

The benefits of this system are;

  • You get the exact material you are looking for
  • You pick the date of delivery within the next seven days
  • You are sure to pay the most competitive price for delivery
  • You spend less time arranging for delivery