Turning Ideas into Solutions

Our Mission Statement

We provide complete solutions to your businesses problems. We specialize in finding new solutions to unusual situations. We provide you the most profitable solution to your problem, with an plan to get the highest return possible or save you the greatest amount of money. We combine ideas with situations, to create new uses for existing resources, increasing their value and decrease your costs.

"We provide you the most profitable solution to your problem, with an plan to get the highest return possible."

Scope of our services.

Freelance Improvers is a highly skilled group focusing on how to turn a recurring expense into a break even or positive return. We can move excess inventory faster in new and interesting ways. We can find and train employees/drivers. We can provide ways of selling and delivering products to under served areas of a city or region.

How do we do it?

We start out with a form or series of questions designed to understand the exact nature of the problem, Once you give us exact answers and tell us exactly what the biggest problem/expense is. We will then create a marketing plan or plan of action, including a website and social media accounts, public relations and advertising as required, to "sell" the problem to other people/companies. In this way we can turn problems into solutions providing a break even strategy or even a profit depending on the nature of the problem and solution.

Most companies these days are staffed with the necessary personal to accomplish the daily work of running the business efficiently. Often times there is not time or expertise on hand to evaluate cost efficiencies of the standard model. There can be several reasons some business's are not able to solve the most difficult problems such as internal politics, fear of the idea or promotion failing, difficulty understanding the expense or traditional ways of thinking like "hopefully business will pick up again soon", etc. With a wide range of experience in a variety of industry's and new ideas coming on-line 24 hours a day, we can often times quickly find solutions to your most vexing problems.

We are not selling nirvana, just a new way of solving old, possibly persistent problems, without the limitations of the current experience of your staff. It is our broad range of history helping businesses and our experiences that help us to pull solutions from a wide range of ideas.

The services we can offer will range from providing new ideas, to total turn-key implementation with ongoing support. Services are provided by the hour, project or a percentage of the savings or revenue generated by our recommendations.

Contact us now for a no cost or obligation consultation.

How to get started.

There is no cost for the initial consultation. Call us at 720-275-0237 or email us using our contact page.

Give us the details including scope of the problem, timetable to provide a comprehensive fix and what the worst case scenario would look like.

We will respond with: solution options, time frame necessary to complete the project, necessary budget to complete the action plan as well as our cost structure.

What kind of businesses is this aimed at?

Really most businesses will be well served by our staff. Businesses ranging from the Recycling/Re-use Industry, Sand & Gravel operations, Renewable Energy sector or even advertising or marketing groups.

Others include companies that are struggling to turn a profit, companies in search of a social media outlet, or even companies speaking with business brokers to find solutions.

We can help you NOW. All challenges Welcome. Call and let us show you how we can turn an old problem or expense into a new profit center. We can find new opportunities that you are not aware of.

Please understand we are sincerely interested in solving your business problems, in a timely manner at a fair and reasonable price. We will focus on providing a solution that will be easily implemented and operable, either by us or your current staff.

All questions cheerfully answered. Call if you have questions.

The fastest way to get a response is by calling us at 720-275-0237 or filling out the contact form with as much information as you can provide. All contact is help confidential and will not be shared with anyone but you.

Examine our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.