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"You Know Your Business, We Know Domain Names"

Spend your time fine tuning your business message, while we create the best Domain Name for your business.

We have over 25 years experience creating domain names that attract customers to your site.

Are you looking for a website or trying to relaunch an existing site? It all starts with a proper domain name. Anyone can register a domain name at a number of sites, however, you want to make sure the name you choose fits your business and will continue to serve you as you grow.

In order to help you obtain the best domain name for your needs, we offer two programs.

1. You tell us about your business in 25 to 50 words and we provide three domain names within a day. You can then point your browser immediately to a domain name registrar and pay the small fee to register it for a minimum of one year. You need to do this right away. If you need, we can do it for you.

Here is how this works:
In 50 words or less tell us the goal of your site.
Example: You sell _________

To whom ______

How often do you sell to customers? Once? Twice?

What service's do you offer? We take your information and design a domain name around your idea that will help to get buyers to your site.

The cost of this method is $24.99 prepaid for the first 3 names. If you are not satisfied with those, 3 more will be provided for $12.99 (also prepaid). Remember once we supply a domain name that fits your site, you MUST register it immediately.

Purchase 3 domain name suggestions


2. The second way involves up to an hour consultation with you over the phone. We arrange a time and schedule a phone call and talk over all of your concerns including your overall website strategy. We have a webmaster on staff so we can check with the expert concerning any architecture or other concerns.

When we are done we will open an account for you using the registrar of your choice (we can suggest the same one we use), We will then register three names for you. For a small fee we can also include any additional names you may want to consider.

There are a number of considerations when picking an appropriate domain name. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss individual needs over the phone so an exchange of ideas can take place. For these kinds of needs the one hour phone call provides you time to confidentially explain how you plan on rolling out your project and how the website will support it.

This provides an opportunity to go into detail on your project all with complete confidence. Signing a “Non Disclose Agreement” is not a problem. We can then consider a whole set of features that can extend far beyond just a single domain name. You would be free to use what you want and table the rest.

Many of the considerations depend on the exact name and the nature of the business. There may be complimentary names that you also want to consider adding for areas of the business that have additional requirements.

You may want to consider talking this over with us if your venture falls into any of these categories.


1. You are developing a site that might serve different demographics and various brick and mortar locations.

2. You plan on expanding into different geographical areas with location specific information on each site. Something like a "Craig's List" that might contain information specific to each location.

3. You plan on using integrated autoresponders or extensive email campaigns.

4. You sell subscription services or are interested in setting up a paywall to protect pay for content.

5. You have separate sales and content sites.

6. You want your site set up and connected to a domain and require a WordPress installation with or without SSL (https:) so you can begin your own web development.

7. You are concerned about setting up their site for proper Google search.

Why would it matter for these types of businesses?

Because every website you set up will be organized under a single domain name. How the site is structured may be important to the way the site runs and serves people. Anticipating advanced needs or specialized site behavior can be better accommodated with a little thought before hand about how the site will be structured. A domain name also is affected by page name strategies for marketing specific areas of a company or product lines. This should be set up for optimum search engine results.

Planning always yields superior websites.

We not only can suggest domain names but strategies about how to secure first rate website hosting, how you structure your website and incorporate additional features to complete your tools so your site does what you want it to. And all of it starts with your domain name choice.

Get started by either;

a. Clicking this link, filling out the form and ordering 3 domain names now.

b. Clicking on this link and ordering an hour of one on one phone consulting time to discuss your business and your needs.

We will provide answers for problems you can then choose vendors for domain name registration, website hosting and various software applications for your site. We can also suggest first rate shopping carts, ecommerce merchant banks, SSL certificate providers and all other aspects of website development. We keep a webmaster on staff.

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There are many Domain Registration companies, we use Namecheap.com and Godaddy.com the most frequently. This is not an endorsement of either company, however, have have both worked the best for us over the years.


Registering Domain Names and Securing Web Hosting

We have attached links to several sites that we feel are the best for professional (business?) sites. You are free to choose any site that you are comfortable with.


Available in a few days.


This is the standard web hosting provider we use and suggest to our customers. We have worked with them for over 20 years and they are very good. Tech support is done over a ticket system and usually a reply is given within 15 minutes. Click the image below when you are ready to visit their site. Highly recommended!

Supercharged Hosting


NameCheap - Domain Name Registrar

You can register domain names here or at GoDaddy.com. Both are good, NameCheap is going to be a little cheaper in most instances. Both interfaces work well, GoDaddy offers hosting services as well. Click the ad below to be taken there when you are ready..


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Div 414

Div 668

Div 769