Learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your landscaping project and have more time to enjoy it, no matter the size of your project.

We show you how and where buy landscaping materials, construction aggregates, soils’s, mulch’s, landscaping fabric, edging and related products How to get Contractor pricing, how to deal professionally with the material companies and where to find the best deals on everything else you need to make your job a success.

This information works in all parts of the country, year round every year. One of the secrets is presenting yourself to the Sellers in a professional way.

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1. Taking personal control (empowering them?)of your landscaping
or small construction project

2. Purchasing the correct amount of the right material, the first time, at
the best overall price.

3. Buying the material at Contractor/Landscaper prices

The site serves - Homeowners, landscapers, small construction companies

Who needs?
People wh want to be in charge/ taking charge of their landscaping/ small
construction projects. Don’t want to be at the mercy? of the material companies
We provide them with a. ”Blueprint of how to save money"

How we serve-
We provide usable(actionable?) information ( Blueprint) that they can put to work
mmediately either just to learn about landscaping materials and construction
aggregates or to start estimating the budget for their upcoming projects

3 things
Tired of the “status quo” when buying materials; call the same place’s, get
treated the same way, settle for that.
Want to take charge of their project/yard
That they want to / need to save money - Save enough money to go on vacation!

Typical situation
People that want to take control of the process of buying landscaping material
and save money, both by saving on materials and getting the correct amount
of the correct material the first time.

None. We are selling information an the best/most commonly used products
for landscaping and how to save money on their purchase.

Products Sold
None. We may seek out different forms of affiliate marketing, but the book may
seem more honest if we sell nothing but the information.

Services Provided
There are possibilities down the road of arranging deliveries for a fee. We could
offer a call in line if more info needed by people but would they pay?