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Bayer’s Dicamba Hit Tests Patience of Frustrated Investors

Bayer AG’s loss in the first U.S. trial over the herbicide dicamba is set to test the patience of investors who’ve stuck with the company through the dark days of its Roundup crisis.


U.S. Watchdog to Investigate Trump’s Farm Bailout Program

The Government Accountability Office will review how the $28 billion farm bailout aimed at cushioning trade-related losses was spent.

New York Times

17th February was... Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Sometimes it’s the smallest act that makes the biggest impact, something as simple as saying please or thank you can turn a day around, and make a life seem that much better. Random Acts of Kindness Day encourages you to get out there and be the light you want to see in the world.

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Trump administration quietly changing food stamp rule to kick more than 3 million – including children – out of program

At his State of the Union Address Tuesday night President Donald Trump bragged about having lifted more than 10 million people “off of welfare.”

Raw Story

Rollbacks on federal regs imperil Colorado waters

On Jan. 23, the Trump administration finalized a rule that would remove protections for waterways throughout the country, and as much as 70% of Colorado’s water, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment.

Boulder Weekly

Audit finds COGCC let oil and gas operators off the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars

Oil and gas operators in Colorado failed to submit 50,000 required monthly well reports between 2016 and 2018.

Boulder Weekly

David and Jane Stevens are Organic Farmers of the Year

Jane Hawley Stevens and her husband, David Stevens, have a mission: to connect people with herbal remedies so they come to appreciate—and help preserve—the healing power of nature.

Wisconsin Farmer

We try to stay non political on these sites, but sometimes you have to take a stand. We believe this is such an issue.

Trump took aim at kids’ nutrition. He picked the wrong food fight.

No one loves a food fight more than President Trump. But now, he has picked the wrong one: His administration is taking aim at children’s lunch plates.

Washington Post

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DenverLocalFarm.comWelcome to DenverLocalFarm, a site dedicated to stimulating rural farm to market food and livestock production using Organic and Biodynamic approaches. Our name says Denver, but this site is for everyone in the Front Range of Colorado and beyond!

What will you find here?

Plenty! You will find an ever changing array of articles concerning our health and lives. You can learn about events happening in the Front Range. And read up on gardening techniques and emerging technologies.

We also keep an eye on the political landscape because many national issues affect us here in Colorado.

Our newsletter will begin in 2018 and come out quarterly. It is free to all and of course we keep everything private. We don't share anything with anyone!

We also want to hear from you about what you need and want to hear about. We expect to change as we grow into this new role and we want to develop this site to serve the needs of all of us. Don't hesitate to use one of the sign up to use the forums, or post a free classified ad. You can always use the contact forms to let us know what is important to you!

"Our tools are better than we are, and grow better faster than we do. They suffice to crack the atom, to command the tides, but they do not suffice for the oldest task in human history, to live on a piece of land without spoiling it."

~~Aldo Leopold, “Engineering and Conservation” in The River of the Mother of God and Other Essays (1938)

See you on the inside!




Couple’s mission to preserve old apple varieties

Old apple varieties on the verge of extinction are becoming relevant again and are gradually being identified, propagated and re-planted around the state.

Mousing apprentices - $70 (Hint: This is an ad for a kitten)

9 week old mousing apprentices ready to go to work (and play).

Harvest Freeze Challenges

Harvest Considerations for Freeze-Killed Corn and Soybean Fields


Wardle Feed and Pet Supply - CHICKENS IN STOCK NOW!!! - Beautiful Egg Laying B - $30 (Wheat Ridge)

PULLETS - Hens ARE IN STOCK NOW!!! Our birds in stock now are 10 - 12 weeks old and are fully feathered out. If you are thinking of chickens, now is the time!

Wardle Feed and Pet Supply - CHICKENS IN STOCK NOW!!! - Beautiful Egg Laying B - $30 (Wheat Ridge)

PULLETS - Hens ARE IN STOCK NOW!!! Our birds in stock now are 10 - 12 weeks old and are fully feathered out. If you are thinking of chickens, now is the time!



Started in 1981, Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial is the longest-running side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional grain cropping systems in North America.

Is Compost the Secret to Making Ag Climate Friendly?

A new study finds that adding compost to farmland can offer deep benefits for storing carbon and building healthy soils.

Local Charitable Orginazations

The charitiy links on our site are national children’s food/hunger charities that serve children in our state that are not getting enough to eat. Please support them, or the local food charity of your choice.

Colorado Small Acreage Management

CSU Extension

Improving land stewardship by helping landowners understand and manage their property resources (soil, water, animals, plants, and air).

CSU Extension - Adams County

CSU Extension - Boulder County


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